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pucksgotmilf's Journal

Noah "Puck" Puckerman
3 April
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Noah "Puck" Puckerman, more commonly known as Puck, is a central character on Glee. He is presently a senior at William McKinley High School where he actively participates in both the glee club and football team.

A self proclaimed "badass", Puck is well-known around the school for constantly tossing younger students into dumpsters and also for initially being a primary culprit for throwing slushies in peoples' faces. At first, Puck is very much opposed to the glee club, deeming it "gay" and a group designed for "losers". Shortly after Quinn Fabray joins the club, Puck discovers that Quinn has become pregnant with his baby, and he soon joins the glee club to use it as a way of being closer to her.

In Season One, Puck slept with Quinn and eventually got her pregnant, leading to the two ending up in a brief relationship together. Quinn eventually gave birth to his biological daughter in Journey, they named her Beth but she was adopted by Shelby Corcoran, coach of Vocal Adrenaline. In Season Two, Puck dates Lauren Zizes for her personality and confidence: In Season Three, it was revealed that Puck and Lauren broke up. In I Am Unicorn, he sees his 1-year-old biological daughter Beth for the first time since she was adopted.

Puck is portrayed by actor Mark Salling.

Puck on the Glee Wiki for more canon details.

Post High School Bio for rp_shadesofgray:
High school… Yeah, I blew it there. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a complete waste of my time. I was on the football team. I was pretty good at it too, and if I’d bothered to get better grades I might have gotten a scholarship. I don’t know why I gave up during my senior year, but I did. I mean I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I know that, but I’m not a moron. But after Lauren ditched me, and the mess with Beth, I kind of gave up trying. Seeing my old man was like the final nail in my coffin. I stopped giving a shit about just about everything.

Then I got it in my head to go to California to clean pools. Coach Shannon Beiste knocked some much needed sense into me. Something happened that last week or so of high school. Shannon and I clicked, and I don’t mean in a MILF kind of way. She was hurt. She felt like I did, like we didn’t matter, and she took me under her wing. I graduated because of her.

She ditched her abusive husband, and when she told me what he did, she had to steal my truck keys to keep me from beating the crap out of him. Shannon doesn’t need to know that I put a cup of sugar into his gas tank, which ruined his engine later. He had it coming.

Shannon took me in. She wouldn’t let me go to California. She put me into community college in Lima, so I could learn some actual skills besides pool cleaning. I got to be a pretty good carpenter, and she had me help her coach too. It was tons of fun when she’d coach the pee wee league kids. She was so good with them, and I liked helping.

Now I’m not some reborn angel or anything like that. I still get into trouble. I’ve never met a beer I didn’t like, unless my old man brewed it, and I’ve never said ‘no’ to anyone who wanted to get groiny with me. I’ve got the morals of an alley cat, but I can at least get a real job now.

Beiste got a job in New York, and she gave me the choice to stay in Lima or go with her. So here I am in New York City where so many of my friends from high school came chasing their brass rings. It might be time for me to look them up.

Look out New York here comes Puckerman.